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The Ins & Outs of Bathroom Styles & Trends

No matter what the overall style of the home is, we are finding that bathrooms (especially master bathrooms) are designed to be more clean, timeless and sophisticated. Lighter, neutral tones are typically used and kept to a minimum for a more monochromatic, soothing and almost "spa-like" look and feel.

Large, walk-in tile showers (with no door) in the bathroom have become a necessity. If a shower is large but can’t be a true walk-in, we are seeing large glass doors used to maintain an “open concept.” We are seeing more and more people even decide against a tub in order to fit a larger shower in the space. If a tub is used, free standing soaking tubs are more common verses built-in tubs with jets. Along with the “less is more” concept, we are seeing larger tiles on floor and flowing that same tile into the shower or using a tile that blends well with the flooring used throughout the room. Subtle shower tile accents (if any) keep with the overall clean look. These spaces are natural, neutral and calming with rustic, organic, contemporary or other style accents used throughout to bring your design personality into the space.

An open and airy master bathroom is almost always a must with large windows for abundant light. With large windows comes the need for blinds or window coverings that close from the bottom up to maintain privacy while still allowing the light to come through. The toilet in a master bath is tucked away in its own “toilet room” with a privacy door.

We are seeing an equal amount of both painted and stained cabinetry in bathrooms and also an equal amount of Granite and Quartz countertops; it completely depends on the style the homeowner is going for. Storage has become a necessity throughout the bathroom to keep items organized and includes double sinks/vanities, linens and separate make-up counters. Lighting (whether vanity lighting or chandeliers) adds to the overall style of the room.

Also, in master bathrooms, don’t forget the “little details” like in-drawer outlets for certain toiletries, specialty beauty accessory storage (a drawer with space for plugged-in blow dryers, curling irons, etc) and robe and towel hooks placed in or directly outside of the shower and/or near the tub.

Guest Bathrooms and Powder Rooms are areas where our homeowners seem to have some fun and include unique style and décor. After all, in most cases, these rooms don’t have to be overly functional on a daily basis. A handcrafted natural-edge vanity top, a brick or wood accent wall, a pop of color or texture in the cabinet, ceiling beams, a bold light fixture, mirror or vessel sink are all options that can add character and distinctiveness to these smaller spaces. No matter what style you decide to go with in your bathroom, we always recommend that you stay away from anything you might get sick of. Stick with neutral tones and choose things that will look good today and still be in style years from now.

Don’t forget to consider moisture! Especially if you are looking to add wood accents, make sure you are conscious about keeping the bath fan on after showers. You can have your HVAC contractor install a de-humidistat that is set at a certain humidity level so your fan will run until the humidity reaches the level it is set at. This is a great option for families with kids as many times they forget to turn the fan on. Also, make sure to install water proof flooring, like ceramic tile or luxury vinyl tile, to ensure you don’t have any moisture issues with the floor.

Bathrooms are an important space in every home… be sure they are carefully thought out and designed around both function and style that will last.